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High Salty Diet Can Cure Cancer – Research proven !

New research in cell cultures and two separate mouse models found that a diet high in salt reduces tumor growth by altering the function of certain immune cells.



High salty diet can cure cancer!

New research in cell cultures and two separate mouse models found that a diet high in salt reduces tumor growth by altering the function of certain immune cells.

There are certain conditions which can worsen when taken a high amount of the salt content like hypertension, few autoimmune disorder, inflammatory bowel disease but coming to cancer, it has been proved that it has a positive impact by suppressing the cancer growth.

 salt that cures cancer

The researchers have done studies with the salt content influence on the cell cultures and on independent mouse studies.

This research was done by the Professor Markus Kleinewietfeld — who is the head of the VIB-UHasselt lab, in collaboration between VIB (the Flanders Institute for Biotechnology) and the University of Hasselt in Belgium — led the research team. they have published their study in the journal Frontiers in Immunology.

How a high-salt intake inhibits cancers?

The researchers have conducted a cell-culture experiments where they had mimicked a high-salt environment.

They have taken 4% NaCl containing chow and 1% NaCl in the drinking water and given the mouse. Delayed tumor outgrowth was evident in the mouse as early as day 11 post-injection and thereby leading to significant differences in tumor size at end of day 13  and the results are quite satisfactory at the end of day 15.

They found that excessive salt inhibited the function of a type of immune cell called myeloid-derived suppressor cells (MDSCs) both in mice cells and in human MDSCs taken from cancer patients.

A high-salt environment stopped the function of the  MDSCs from inhibiting other immune cells almost completely. There are various researches previously which gave shown the role of  MDSCs as a key in preventing the immune system from effectively attacking tumors.

There is another study where the mouse with a melanoma (skin cancer)transplantation, were fed with  a diet high in salt showed a significantly inhibited tumor growth.


The findings are highly interesting, and we were surprised to see such an effect on tumor growth just by increasing the salt in the diet.” Prof. Markus Kleinewietfeld


The research study has shown that a high salt diet significantly delays tumor growth.

This effect of reducing the cancer growth seemed to be mediated through enhanced anti-tumor immunity by functional inactivation of MDSCs.

Since high salt conditions also affected human MDSCs in a similar manner, the research study data suggests that the targeting of this mechanism could potentially be a novel beneficial strategy to block MDSC function in settings of cancer immunotherapy( a mode of treatment in cancer) hence proving that the high dietary content of salt in food has benefits in cancer treatment.

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