What is Snoring and the Causes of Snoring?

Snoring is an health issue and many don't know what are the causes of snoring which makes it really hard for the people who are suffering from it to lead a normal life and along with the people near him.

Snoring is an health issue and many don’t know what are the causes of snoring which makes it really hard for the people who are suffering from it to lead a normal life and along with the people near him.

It’s would be impossible for most people to sleep while having a loud snoring partner in bed with them. Besides, snoring also affects the people in all walks of their life and effect both the health in physically and mentally.

If you are suffering from the issue of snoring (severe snoring problem ) you will know how embarrassing and disturbing it is to snore while travelling in the night .

Understanding you have a snoring issue and it as a health issue is the first step to get rid of it.

Also, snoring can also be a precursor for various bunch of serious health issues that can affect both your cardiac and neurological health.

What is Snoring?

Snoring is sound caused by the peculiar vibrations that are produced while the air passes through your respiratory tract while you breathe during your sleep.

People who are suffering from snoring might not recognize that they have an issue of snoring until someone tells it to them.

Most medical practitioners consider that the snoring to be the initial sign of a medical condition known as obstructive sleep apnea(OSA).

The problem can also cause serious sleep disorders both the person and people near him, which in turn can affect their overall health for both.

In simple terms we can say that snoring occurs when the airway between the throat and mouth are having a physical obstruction, causing the air to produce sound when it passes through these obstacles.

While sleeping the muscles and tissues in your throat and mouth will come to a relaxed position which makes it easy to be moved by a moving flow of air, this relaxation causes the muscles to flutter when the air passes through the physical obstruction, producing the sound of snoring.

The severity of snoring increases with the age, therefore, it’s essential that people who snore regularly while sleeping needs to consult a doctor before the issue becomes worse as they age.

In the below section we will be discussing the causes of obstruction in the air pathways which causes the person to snore during sleep.

Causes of snoring:

Snoring despite looking like a harmless condition, can cause severe health problems if left untreated for a long period of time.

Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) which is characterized by the classic symptom of snoring can have very hazardous effects on your brain and your cardiac health.

Lack of deep sleep due to constant blockage in airflow does not allow your brain to completely shut down and get enough rest.

Some of the major problems that can cause snoring are listed below:

1. Mouth Structure:


The inbuilt anatomy of your mouth matters a lot when it comes to the issue of snoring. Since the relaxed muscles on the upper palate of the mouth and in the throat are clear players in making one snore, it’s also important to note that people who have abnormally soft and thick muscle tissue in their mouth and throat are more prone to start snoring.

These tissues flow down when they are relaxed and cause severe blockage to the airflow from the nose to the lungs.

2. Elongated Uvula:

elongated uvula : causes of snoring

Uvula is the triangular structure that always keeps hanging down from the top of your mouth. For some people, the length of Uvula will be a bit high causing it to come in the way of the air that is pulled in while you breathe.

It causes an additional blockage besides the already relaxed throat and mouth tissues. The peculiar structure of the uvula can also cause an increased vibration to the sound of snoring.

3. Block in Nasal Airways:

This is one of the main reason why some people only snore during allergy or cold season. This causes the nasal airways to block due to mucus accumulation in the nostril or related areas. Having a filled sinus can also increase the chances of snoring and along with sinusitis.

Yet another factor related to nasal airway which can cause snoring is the misalignment of the septum, classified under the condition of a deviated septum. This can be one of the common cause of the snoring

A septum is the wall between both your nostrils which separate them from each other, a bend or a curve in this wall can cause snoring to be extreme, especially when the person is having a cold.

4. Obesity:


obesity: causes of snoring

Basically what this means is that, when a person is extremely fast, they develop some extra tissues behind their neck which also follow the same principle of relaxation during the night time. This excessive tissue can also cause obstruction to the airway causing the person to snore. it is better always to maintain good weight control to reduce health disorders like OSA and many issues like heart problems etc.

5. Alcohol Abuse:

  alcohol abuse : causes of snoring

Getting extremely drunk right before going to bed can be extremely relaxing for your throat muscles which can increase the chances for snoring. It’s common among most alcoholics to snore after they go into a state of deep sleep.



6. Sleep Deprivation:


It might come as a surprise to many that how lack of sleep can contribute to a condition that occurs when one sleeps.

This happens because of the fact that lack of sleep makes your body to activate certain systems that will relax your throat muscles more than usual when you go to sleep.

Therefore a lack of sleep can also act as an important factor that can lead to snoring.

7. Position of Sleep:

Most people find that they snore more when they sleep on their back. This is because of gravity, it allows your throat to become more narrow than while sleeping on aside.

Combined with the relaxed muscles and the uvula this condition can be very alarming to people who snore in their sleep. Try sleeping on a side to avoid the noise of extreme snoring. this is one of the common causes of snoring


Snoring despite looking like a harmless condition, can cause severe health problems if left untreated for a long period of time.

Snoring is the most annoying problem for both the person who had and the person beside him. The first point of the treatment is to recognize the cause of the snoring and to realize that the snoring is a serious health issue. The causes of snoring are of many, educating oneself and identifying the cause of the snoring helps in the early treatment of the snoring and can prevent severe health issues like obstructive sleep apnea. and other snoring related systemic causes.

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