What Does Excess Sugar Do To Your Body

When you consume too much of the sugar to your body, it can affect numerous organs and even endanger you to the disastrous risk that might affect your health. Researches have it that it can even affect longevity.

It is not that easy obviously, to cut out consumption of sugar, but the best thing we can do for the health is to give adequate attention and the medication. Sugar is found in almost everything we can that is quite sweet and tasty. Some varieties have limited the components of the sugar but nevertheless they all add to the sugar intake of our consumption.

Reports has it that close to 20% of the people eat more than 700 calories of the sugar per day which means they consume to over one cup of the sugar daily. Surprising, isn’t it? But that is sad reality. It clearly shows that we are all prone to the medical challenges that might come from too much of the sugar intake. When you consume too much of the sugar to your body, it can affect numerous organs and even endanger you to the disastrous risk that might affect your health. Researches have it that it can even affect longevity.

This issue gets more complicated because some the foods we consume today have more calories and not enough nutrients. Therefore, we generally need to up our intake of the nutrients, which help to satisfy the appetites and supply energy to our bodies. This is because the sugar is known to have the detrimental effect on our overall health and it is contained in almost every food. In other words, those foods we regards as “the health foods” such as the yoghurt, granular bars and pasta sauces also possess the sugar contents, although they are called “the hidden sugar”.

Also, the natural sugars that are derived from taking the fruits, whole grains, and the vegetables won’t cause adverse health effects; however, all added sugars from the processed foods can seriously harm your mind and body. According to the American Heart Association, an average American adult takes 22 teaspoons of the sugar per day and an average child takes 32 teaspoons.


You will look very younger:

When you bid too much of the sugar consumption farewell, you will have course to look good and younger. This is because the presence of much sugar in body affects the skin due to process called the glycation that is caused by the sugar whereby the sugar molecules bind to and deform the collagen and elastin in the skin. The duo of the collagen and elastin are the major protein sources that give skin its youthful and supple properties, therefore reducing the amount of sugar intake can reduce glucose and insulin rise in bloodstream that will reduce the acute inflammation associated with aging. This means when you are able to reduce the sugar consumption, you are liable to look younger.

You will be very happier:

You will become happier when you are able to part away with the sugar. How? We all know that when we take the sugar, we feel energized, refreshed and happy, but do we really know that this excitement is just for some moments as it will later disappear and leave you desire for even more. Sugar craving is indeed the very unhealthy because it increases sugar level in the body. According to the study done in Columbia, women that consume lot of added sugar have the higher risk of mood swings, anxiety and depression. Therefore, if you desire to have more stable state of the emotions, parting away with the sugar will do you a lot of good.

You will sleep comfortably:

Too much of the sugar in body can lead to production of the cortisol which would always disturb the night sleep. So also the crashes you feel when sugar wears off will leave you sleepy during day and wanting to take nap. Sugar can affect your nervous system and cause the fluctuations in energy levels and sleep cycles; therefore taking away the sugar from your body will enable you to have good sleep.


It will improve your memory:

Sugar has been linked to the cognitive impairment and brain fatigue. Which means when there is lot of sugar in your body; it affects the brain and way of the thinking. This can affect way of learning and reasoning at any instance. A study reveals that taking too much of the sugar can damage communication between brain cells. It could also lead to lethargy and the mental exhaustion.

It Reduces weight:

Some people have been so vociferous in their quest to reduce the weight. One of best ways to reduce the unnecessary calories is by avoiding much consumption of sugar in the body. As we’ve said earlier, there are the foods that contains a lot of calories but lack of the nutrients therefore by taking these, you will probably feel hungry in some hours of time and keep piling up of the sugars.

You will have lower risk of the diabetes:

Your body’s natural detox system becomes more active when you stop taking the sugar. But when you consume the sugar, it makes fatty deposits build up around your liver and can cause the insulin resistance. Your pancreas will start to produce less insulin and your liver will also start to catch up on the processing stored toxins in the first couple of hours without the sugar. But if you frequently pull in the sugar in to your body, the pancreas and liver won’t be able to keep up. Also, it is noted that eating 150 calories of added sugar increases risk of developing the type 2 diabetes by 11 times.

Your heart will be healthy:

To maintain the good heart requires proper monitoring and self evaluation against the unhealthy nutrients and activity. Too much of sugar consumption can lead to the increment in insulin levels which further activate nervous system and then spike blood pressure and heart rate. The body system works so hard to process sugar in the body and hence putting the serious strain on the heart. Also, studies have shown sugar consumption to be a much greater risk factor in the heart problems. So, to maintain healthy heart, stay away from much intake of the sugar.


Your smile and breath improves:

Sugar can cause the cavities as it meets with the bacteria in the mouth and form acid that can lead to the tooth decay. Since sweet tooth is fascinating when it comes to issue of health smile, it is advisable to reduce sugar consumption in order to have good smiles and breathe.

Myths And Facts About Sugar:

Myth 1:Brown sugar, the honey, and syrup are healthier than the white sugar.

Fact 1:From the nutrition aspects, these types of sugar are all very similar, i.e. about 1 gram provides about 4 kilo-calories of the energy with very few other nutrients.
Our body metabolizes processed the sugar (e.g. white sugar), syrups and naturally occurring sugar in the food (e.g. honey) equally. Excess intake of the sugar in any form will provide the extra energy, so regardless they are the brown sugar, honey, syrup or white sugar, use them in moderation.

Myth 2:Refrain from the sugar in food totally is only way to reduce the sugar intake.

Fact 2:It is impossible to refrain from all types of the sugar in foods nor wise to cut out the sugary foods and drinks to reduce the sugar intake.
We can continue to enjoy the foods with the natural sugar such as the fruits and milk. However, we should eat foods with the sugar added in, such as the carbonated drinks, juice drinks, sweets, cakes, biscuits, chocolate, etc., less frequently. Depriving oneself from particular food may end up eating more. Treat yourself occasionally with small portion of the dessert to satisfy sweet tooth, but do not indulge.

Myth 3:Drinks with word “fruit” are healthier options than the carbonated drinks.
Fact 3:A drink with word “fruit” does not mean it has the fruits inside or is healthier option than the carbonated drinks. Check out ingredient list and you may find only “fruit” in a fruit drink is the fruit flavor. The other ingredients are just the water, sugar, honey, syrup, or other forms of the added sugar.
Some fruit drinks are very high in the sugar as well. Check out  nutrition label and you may find sugars content in some fruit drinks similar to that in some of the carbonated drinks, i.e. about 10 grams of sugars in each 100 millitres. If the dietary fibre, vitamins and minerals from the fruits are your concern, choose whole fruits rather than the fruit juices.

Myth 4: Drinks with the “no sugars” or “low sugars” labels on them can be taken as much and as you like.
Fact 4:Nutrition claims should be used as quick reference only. At any time, the consumers should not only focus on claimed nutrients but also refer to information provided on nutrition label and ingredient list for making the healthier food choices. Even drinks and the food products with “no sugars” or “low sugars” claims may contain the high content of energy, fat or sodium.
Other statements such as “the less sweet” and “no sugars added” provided on the labels may not truly reflect nutrient content of product. Again, refer to nutrition label for detailed information on the overall nutritional property of food product.


Sugar is everywhere we can think of and very abundant. In fact, it is not going to be the easy in parting away with the sugar but it is still possible to some extent. When you focus on the healthy diet, you can get rid of the unwanted sugar level in the body. (source)

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