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Tips To Stay Healthy During Monsoon

There are certain health risks we can suffer due to the monsoon. Especially the kids are very susceptible during monsoon. This is the awesome season where waterborne bacteria can very much attack us and we can get the reduction in our immunity level.

Monsoon brings with itself promise of the rain, However, it is not just the humans who love the rainy season. The Plants, animals, bacteria, and viruses enjoy it just as much.

As a result, while we might love taking a small walk in the rain, just enjoying a freshly cut fruit on the road, it certainly isn’t entirely harmless also.

There are certain health risks we can suffer due to the monsoon. Especially the kids are very susceptible during monsoon. This is the awesome season where waterborne bacteria can very much attack us and we can get the reduction in our immunity level. Normally the people suffer from indigestion, allergies and several types of infections and etc .

The rainfall and the water lying around makes it very simple for mosquitoes to type and rises the risk of the mosquito conveyed infections, such as malaria and dengue high temperature with fever. Viral infections can also spread easily during the monsoon season.

For you to stay safe and to enjoy the rains to the fullest, we prepared a list of very simple health tips.

Increase Vitamin C Intake

Monsoon is the perfect time for the viruses and bacteria to thrive. You will also notice that it is this time of the year when the viral fevers, allergic reactions, and other viral infections are so most rampant. Similarly, air has more bacteria during this particular time than at any other point. To remain good and healthy, you need to increase your immunity better. One of easiest ways of doing that is by increasing your Vitamin C intake regularly. Eat lots of sprouts, fresh green vegetables, and oranges to have good amount of  Vitamin C rich diet.

Avoid Junk Food

Freshly cut fruits and other kinds of food items sold on the street should strictly be avoided and avoided. The road is usually filled with potholes that are full of water and mud. These form perfect incubators for various kinds of harmful microorganisms and virus. The longer the food items are exposed to  open air, the higher they are likely to become home to them. So, every time you eat your favorite junk food outside, you are more likely to contract a disease.

Do Not Store Stagnant Water

One of worst issues of monsoon is breeding of mosquitos. These nasty little insects are perfectly capable of making you miserable and ill. However, fear not about them! With a few and small precautions, you can easily find your way to mosquito-free residence. Ensure that there is no open water storage or pools  in your home. Ensure that they are always in covered pots and containers. Similarly, take note about how to ensure that the drains are not clogged, and there’s no rainwater held been stagnant in your nearby areas. Mosquitos are born in the stagnant water, so removing the sources of stagnant water will help a lot.

Add a Disinfectant to the Bath Water

Most people love about taking a stroll in the rain. It is so refreshing and one of wonders of human life. However, remember to take bathe with a disinfectant like Dettol, Savlon, or Betadine, every time you get wet outside. It will save you from the millions and billions of microorganisms you carried home and help you stay healthy and fit. Washing your dirty hands and feet, legs are advisable as you get back. and also Remember, use only clean water to wash your face.

Get Your Clothes Ironed

It might seem like strange tip, but the monsoon is perfect for various  molds.The Closets, wardrobes, and almirahs are generally used to store the clothing, bed sheets, and linen. These places stay cool and start to get damp slowly as the rains progress. With the wet moisture come molds. Since, there’s seldom any sunlight to warm your clothes is must and by, getting them ironed is the next best thing.

Save yourself from infection

Various infections  like bacterial/fungal are knocking on your door to make you very ill. Though this season brings the relieve from the scorching sun and excessive heat in your surroundings but also comes up with various diseases. The most common infection is through your sweating and perspiration. To avoid this one should always try to keep dry and avoid the excess perspiration. One should try to take several times baths to do so. The Kids are most affected by infections in this season as their immune system is not able to fight with these horrible infections.

Avoid Using Public’s Toilets and pools

People should always be careful while using public toilets and should drink plenty of good water to keep the body moisturized. The Swimming pools should also be avoided during this particular time as water is a good breeding ground for the bacteria and viruses. Thus diseases like Diarrhea, typhoid and cholera are some of diseases caused in the monsoons due to the water borne diseases.


If you have a dry skin and believe that the monsoon is a good blessing in disguise to keep your skin to keep moist, well its not the case. It is a curse in disguise!

Skincare for the dry skin requires a generous amount of moisturizer regularly.

Avoid eating street food and only drink purified water

Water and the raw vegetables are not so hygienic during the monsoon.Therefore you shouldn’t be eattingh at the roadside stalls where you are not sure about the hygiene and the cleanliness. We should also drink the boiled water to keep us away from the viruses. Also, avoid the intake of fried and oily foods.

Use Anti-Fungal creams

To avoid all these infections, there should also be a regular washing of parts that are prone to the sweat more than the  others. One should apply anti- fungal creams in the most infection-prone areas.

Increase intake of Hot liquids

This is season when you would be liking to take hot drinks when  rain is pouring outside. After taking a good bath, then after the best thing is to make a hot soup or coffee for yourself in that good weather. By this it will save you from catching cold or any kind of other different infection that can occur due to a sudden change in the temperature of the your body.

Increase intake of leafy vegetables

Greater the intake of the green leafy vegetables the more the building of your immunity and is light on your stomach. But most of vegetables and the fruits also carry some risk of infection and, therefore, you should be washed properly before use. Fruits are the ideal food as they can restore energy. But avoid the watermelons and muskmelons and go for the mangoes, apples, pomegranates, and pears, among others.

Avoid certain heavy and meat products

You should always avoid eating of very heavy foods as they lead to gastric disorders. The intake of the dairy products should not be high as they can have maximum propensity to get infected by germs. Milk, said to be a good and complete diet, is not advised during monsoon season. Instead one can go for good curd.

Foods such as the barley, brown rice and oats are stomach’s best friend during monsoon season. If a dash of garlic is added to your soups, stir fries and curries, it also helps building your body’s immunity.

Thus stay healthy and fit and protect yourself from infections which are waiting outside for you to make you ill


Monsoon is season that brings happiness to our life as it makes environment cool after hot and scorching sun rays during the summer.

But, even after having a cool splash of monsoon rain, there are some flaws and some negative effects from which you need to protect yourself. There are certain health risks that are brought by the monsoon from which people needs to be really very careful.

If you have kids and the elderly people at home, they will be really susceptible and are very likely to be affected with the health conditions like the allergies, cough, cold etc. Even when you are having your diet, it will be really very important to be cautious about the meal and choose adequate type of meal that won’t make you sick.

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