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Reduce Weight How To Do That In A Healthy Way?

Reducing weight is not some thing every difficult to do but starving and restricting food would not be a good idea if you wanted to decrease your weight in a healthy way. These few steps like maintaining the calorie intake / calorie output, regular exercise and diet planning in a healthy way can be the best option if you are suffering from obesity.

Reduce weight in a healthy way:

To reduce weight in a healthy way it was great challenge in present life. With my medical knowledge , I have done many research and found the effect of stress hormones on our daily metabolism our stress hormones like cortisol plays a major role. This article would be of great use if you are one among them who are planning to be health conscious.

It is not about starving or only exercise that helps in weight reduction.

It is something more we have to know!!. That is calculating what you are eating

How can you calculate it???

how to do that in a healthy way

In diet plan Rice has high amount of calories and carbohydrate that is very bad for the proper diet management.

It was another shocker for me as my staple food is that . so what should you do..?

1.Come up with diet chat

2. Write down the amount of calories (maintain calories intake to 1500 k cal)

3.Daily cardio of walking and write down calories output(500 k cal)

let me go in detail….

1.Come up with diet chart:

So what was the diet chart??

Start the day with a hot cup of water since it will enhance your metabolism.

Every day morning with juice of any veg/ fruit without sugar

Afternoon: 2 slices of brown bread and 1 whole boiled egg

( believe me, eating an egg will suppress your hunger and make you energetic all day long)

Night: oatmeal- cup(boiled)

This has been good daily routine and continued doing it for 1 month and you will be shocked to see the drastic change with in a week.


2. Write down the amount of calories (maintain calories intake to 1500 k cal) to reduce weight:

Keep the note of what all food you are taking is other important tool to reduce weight. this will also help you to control your appetite and become more conscious


The above website i have shared helps you to calculate the amount of calories you have taken. Remember don’t exceed 2000 k cal / day.

3.Daily cardio of walking and write down calories output(500 kcal) to reduce weight:

calories burned to lose weight

yes!! this is one of the hardest things but most effective thing to reduce weight

This helps you to burn out the extra junk out of your body , the 1st 5 kg you would be decreasing quite easy as this is mainly because of fluid reduction and liquid fat burning . but after that comes the main part- the other 5 kgs that would be very difficult task , this can be achieved only with the sufficient exercise . doing cardio would be the best thing!!

Tread mill and cycling are best . if you want to keep time constant and burn more calories, i would recommend cycling as it would burn more fat in less time.

If you are a diabetic then there are specific dietary and life style modifications for reduction of the weight in the healthy way this includes the natural diabetic dietary planning and alternative substitutes of the diabetic diet which is quite different from the various dietary modification in normal person

Exercises done in sitting that reduces belly fat:

While you’re working out:
On the elliptical or treadmill, Perfect posture will target your tummy as you sizzle calories.

When you’re in the car:
Tighten and release abs repeatedly at red lights. It’s ab equivalent of the Kegels: a little move that yields results almost without your noticing.

When you’re at your desk:
Give the belly pooch pink slip with pilates breathing: Gently suck in the gut as if you were buttoning tight pair of jeans. Then breathe without allowing your abs to relax. Do this for 30 seconds. Repeat five times

When you’re walking Fido:
Keeping the torso upright with the shoulders back, engage the abs for five strides; relax them for five strides. Repeat until you’re back at front door

When you’re in bed:
Place palms right below belly button. Exhale and allow stomach to expand. Then inhale and hold for 10 seconds. Repeat four times. (source)

How to lose weight fast without exercise?

This is most often asked question about how I lose weight fast without exercise. Though this may not be as affective for fast losing weight as the above plan in which exercise and physical movements are included. This diet is scientifically proven to reduce weight using only few food ingredients in your meal plate. is it apple cider vinegar!! or lemon with honey!!

may be not that simple, This is called Mediterranean diet plan and ZONE diet plan: These diet plans helps to weight lose and also enhances other physical wellbeing

What is Mediterranean diet?

Health benefits of the Mediterranean diet:

Decreases cardiovascular risk
Decreases diabetes mellitus
Improves brain function
Decrease weight
Improves the quality sleep
Decreases bad cholesterol

Foods to be avoided in Mediterranean diet:

Refined grains, such as white bread, white pasta, and pizza dough containing white flour
Deli meats, hot dogs, and other processed meats
Processed or packaged foods
sodas, and candies
Refined oils, which include canola oil and soybean oil

click to know more about the Mediterranean diet plan

What is ZONE diet?

The Zone Diet was developed by Dr. Barry Sears more than 30 years ago, an American biochemist. His best-selling book The Zone was published in 1995.

The uses of the zone diet:

Helps to lose an excessive amount of fat from your body
Good physical health
Thinking faster
Maintaining in the zoning phase is a life long task. Making dietary changes to reach the Zone and stay there may initially appear difficult, but are well worth the effort.

There are different methods that can be used for the Zone diet( either of the methods helps to quantify your diet:

  • The Hand-Eye Method

Protein – 1/3rd of your plate (about the size and thickness of your palm) -egg whites, fish, poultry, lean beef or low-fat dairy.
Carbohydrates – 2/3rds of your plate,(twice the size and thickness of your palm) -vegetables and a little fruit. (fruits that are high in sugars to be avoided like banana and vegetables that are starchy like a potato)
Fat – Add a little bit of monounsaturated fat-olive oil, avocado, or almonds.

  • The Zone Food Block Method

Each Zone block is made of a protein block, a fat blocker, and a carbohydrate block.
Protein block: Contains 7 grams of protein.
Carb block: Contains 9 grams of carbs.
Fat block: Contains 1.5 grams of fat.
The main meal such as breakfast, lunch or dinner contains three to five Zone blocks, while a snack always contains one Zone block.
The average the male eats about 14 Zone blocks per day, while  average female eats 11 Zone blocks.

click here to know more about the Zone diet

Few facts about weight reduction:

  • Losing weight can reduce arthritis symptoms
  • A recent study found that eating dark chocolate in moderate amounts is associated with lower levels of abdominal fat
  • Sleep deprivation can make it harder to lose weight. Inadequate sleep upsets a person’s hormone balance, which decreases leptin (a hormone that makes a person feel full) and increases ghrelin (which triggers hunger).
  • While weight loss pills may help a person lose weight temporarily, they can cause other negative side effects, such as severe mood swings and depression.
  • Research shows that consuming artificial sweeteners actually promotes weight gain. After only one week of ingesting artificial sweeteners, healthy subjects showed symptoms of glucose intolerance and a change in gut bacteria.
  • According to several studies, parents who ate with their family while sitting around a kitchen or dining room table weigh significantly less than those who eat dinner in front of the TV.
  • Experts note that the body starts to shut down after sitting for long periods of time.
  • Importantly, key fat-burning enzymes simply start switching off. Even after just one day of sitting, fat-burning enzymes plummet by 50%, among other determinant health effects. Even 30 minutes at the gym is not enough to offset the detrimental effects of 8 hours of sitting.
  • People who are leaner move an average of 150 minutes more per day than overweight people. Simply getting off of a chair and moving helps turn on fat burning enzymes and increase blood flow

  • Studies show that those who travel most for work have a harder time losing weight and tend to have a greater risk of obesity
  • Each daily can of diet soda increases a person’s risk of obesity by 41%.
  • One pound of fat equals 3,500 calories.
  • Someone who has soda readily available and in sight at home weighs on average 25 pounds more than someone who doesn’t
  • Researchers noted that keeping serving dishes off the table reduced the amount of food men ate by 29%
  • Shopping while hungry makes people not only buy more food, it also makes them buy more junk food.
  • Regularly smelling peppermint may help decrease hunger and, consequently, caloric intake.
  • Researchers believe the strong scent is distracting and helps keeps a person’s mind off of their appetite.
  • Yo-yo dieting has been linked to heart disease, insulin resistance, higher blood pressure, inflammation, and long-term weight gain
  • Liposuction removes only the fat that lies directly underneath the skin. The most fat that can be removed safely is 2–3 pounds. Lipo cannot remove intra-abdominal fat that is associated with heart disease and diabetes
  • This is the first study in humans to show that something like a cup of coffee can have a direct effect on our brown fat functions- The potential implications of our results are pretty big, as obesity is a major health concern for society, and we also have a growing diabetes epidemic, and brown fat could potentially be part of the solution.” Prof. Michael Symonds (source)


Reducing weight is not some thing every difficult to do but starving and restricting food would not be a good idea if you wanted to decrease your weight in a healthy way. These few steps like maintaining the calorie intake / calorie output, regular exercise and diet planning in a healthy way can be the best option if you are suffering from obesity.

Apart from these regular diet plan, there are other scientifically proven diet plans named Mediterranean diet plan and ZONE diet plan, these plans help to reduce weight without exercise. Though doing no exercise sounds good. It is always advised to regularize your body with adequate exercise and physical activity.

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