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Migraine Is Linked To Pregnancy Complications- Research proven

The study shows that pregnant women with migraine more often have complications in connection with their pregnancy and childbirth than women who don't suffer from migraine.

Migraine is linked to pregnancy complications!!

Migraine is one of the leading cause of the headache in the world.

Migraines are relatively common and affect twice as many women as men. The actual cause remains unknown, but previous research suggests that migraines may be triggered by stress, fatigue, or hormonal changes such as pregnancy.

Signs and symptoms of migraine headache would be:

  • “Classic” migraines begin with an aura such as seeing visual field changes (dots, wavy lines, blurriness) about an hour or less before the pain begins.
  • 25% of migraine patients can have a phase called the prodromal phase. The prodromal phase can occur as long as 24 hours before the migraine pain develops; this phase consists of mood changes (depressed, excited, irritable) and the sensations of odd smells or the tastes, while others may feel severely tired or tensed.

  • Children may experience stomach pains (abdominal migraine), frequent and forceful vomiting, unsteady balance, and involuntary eye movements and behavioral changes.

It is now being linked to elevated blood pressure, abortions, caesareans, preterm births and babies with low birth weight.

Though there are old research studies about 20 years back have shown there is no increase the risk for complications of pregnancy for the mother or for the fetus but the latest one which is published in the scientific journal Headache and carried out at the Department of Clinical Epidemiology at Aarhus University and Aarhus University Hospital, Denmark has shown the result quite opposite.

“The study shows that pregnant women with migraines more often have complications in connection with their pregnancy and childbirth than women who don’t suffer from migraines. Newborn babies whose mothers suffered from migraines during pregnancy also have an increased risk of complications such as respiratory distress and febrile seizures,” says Nils Skaja, the study’s lead author, Department of Clinical Epidemiology, Aarhus University and Aarhus University Hospital.

The study has used the Danish health registers to identify more than 22,000 pregnant women who have been suffering from migraines and had received at least two prescriptions for migraine medication.

The group was compared with a group of pregnant women without a known migraine problem.

One finding in the study was quite astonishing as they have shown the risk of cesarean sections is between 15-25 percent higher for pregnant women with migraine compared with pregnant women without migraine.

as Nils Skajaa explains:

The study was not specifically designed to examine this aspect.

However, we show that the risk of complications generally was lower for pregnant women with migraines who took medication when compared with pregnant women with migraines who were not treated.

This also indicates that the migraine medication isn’t the cause of the complications, but rather the migraine itself. This is important knowledge for pregnant women with migraines,” says Nils Skajaa.

Paradoxically, women of childbearing age are particularly hard hit by migraines.

Although experience shows that migraines become milder during pregnancy, this study emphasizes that the healthcare service should be particularly aware of pregnant women with migraine,” says Nils Skajaa.


Migraine has been one of the leading cause of the headache and it affects women twice more than that of men. The recent research has shown the migraine has various health hazards on women’s health that includes elevated blood pressure, abortions, caesareans, preterm births and babies with low birth weight. Early diagnosis and evaluation of the migraine and proper treatment prenatally or who are planning for pregnancy help in preventing the inevitable health issues in the future.

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