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4 Steps to Overcome Stage Fear & Get Rid of It

It is not difficult to come out from the phase of fear and gain self confidence. Gaining knowledge on these few simple things and practicing them helps to come out of the phase of stage fear and reveal your inner hidden potent talent. mental health is as important as the physical health . Regular practice helps to achieve anything.

Do you have stage fear ? If yes keep these things in mind !

How to overcome stage fear? stage fear is one of the common mental disorder in students.This can be removed by practicing few simple things that would build up self confidence.

Stage fear is one of the common mental health disorders that we find in normal day to day life.
May be there are people who had no stage fear in their life.

For few that would be a life threatening activity to go onto the stage and speak out!!.. believe me , i was one among few unfortunates who have passed through that stage.

There were times, standing before the crowd would be so claustrophobic.
This fear would make you want to run out of that place. I can guarantee you, after reading this you wouldn’t be the same.these few steps help you to achieve what you wanted to be.

lets start…..

How to overcome stage fear for students?

how do I get rid of stage fear

As a human , we are born with only two types of fears which are innate in ourselves.

  • Fear of noise
  • Fear of heights

All fears are acquired by us. If you believe that you are going to be overtaken by fear then you will!!

It is true that , what all fears we face today are all acquired my the mind inside us. we are directed according to the orders given by our mind to our body.. so is this stage fear!!

Main cause for the stage fear ?


We are in a world , where people try to impress each other keeping aside there own capability.

we forget that each person is different from other. we should not expect that everyone is alike either in their thoughts or activities.


THINKING THAT OTHERS SHOULD THINK LIKE US.…We forget that we are unique in our own ways.

To avoid getting fingers pointed, many of us forget their uniqueness . May be that was where we are losing our self confidence and giving up our challenges in life.


Symptoms of stage fright:

lack of focus
negative thoughts about a performance
lack of concentration
lack of physical stamina
memory slips, mistakes
“butterflies” or outright nausea
shaky or constricted voice or embouchure
dry mouth
sweaty hands
racing heart
muscle tension
nervous body language
tight or compromised speech
poor projection
inaccuracy and clumsiness (wrong notes, sloppy performance)
gastrointestinal distress
sleep disruption
appetite disruption

if any of these match with that of yours , that you are probably suffering from stage fright / stage fear.

Few steps about how to overcome stage fear?

These are few steps that would help in building self confidence and remove stage fear about How to overcome stage fear:


As i told before, there are many people who don’t know their inner capabilities.They believe that they are not having the powers that they already possess.

There is nothing that a human cant do. YOU SHOULD BELIEVE, you are no way inferior or superior to anyone , YOU ARE THE UNIQUE YOU!! if you are willing to do… you will!!. If you are willing to stand up on the stage you can!!.

Affirming is one of the best practice to help you to build up your self confidence and reminding yourself that you are no way weak than any one. This helps to build up the self confidence and elevate the positivity in yourself.



If you are going for a stage performance or speak out for a conference. you should first know what you are speaking about. Do sufficient research on what you want to speak out

This needs one thing : Hard work.

yes!! hard work , everybody know that. i will tell what is the importance of it.


you have to keep your sweat to get grip of that you want to present, it can be done only by hard work.


it is like revising the same topic for an exam. so if you want to perform confidently

For example:

if you want to speak out on a topic on the stage , you have to do sufficient research to get yourself well versed. or if you want to do a stage performance , you have to practice it numerous times until you are confident about your moves. there is nothing that can’t be possible without hard work.


This helps to rectify your flaws that you may not identify.Get advice about what you want to get improvised. work on it!!

Select the people who are having the positive output on yourself and get along with them. This will build up the positively to enhance in yourself.

which leads to better results.


 one of the best exercise to remove stage fear

This one exercise that helps to do wonders about how to overcome stage fear :

Keep a mirror before you and practice WHAT YOU WANT TO TELL repeatedly .

This should be done until you are happy with yourself, bring out the confident tone in you and practice about how you wanted to be on the stage. This will help in bringing inner potential you are not acknowledging.

This has been research proved practice

It helps in building the enough potential you wanted to have in yourself.These four things have helped many in doing what they really wanted to do

especially,. coming to stage fear and lack of self confidence!!

mental health is equally important to that of the physical health being.

This can be done only be repeated practise and following the above steps.

As i already told you, there is nothing that one can do . so does this!!

you can get up and speak out or build self confidence once you affirm yourself that you can do it.

These are few steps about how to overcome stage fear, that have helped me to talk confidently on stage, hope this helped you..please let me know about your views regarding this article below so that it would help many out there

There are scientifically proven ways to prevent the anxiety , when you are about to go on stage:

when time comes , you have to go on stage and perform your best you can do. These few scientifically proven methods not only decreases your fear and anxiety , helps to smoothen your mental functions in lot many ways.

proven ways to prevent the anxiety

1.Remind yourself:
 Remind yourself that it’s harmless, it’s temporary, and there’s nothing I need to do and keep in mind that it is only the opposite of a sign of your body response that is activating its fight-or-flight response.

2. Check your thoughts:
if you feel nervous like “I’m going to bomb,” ” i am gonna be fired” the same negative suggestions to your thoughts will go all along your way that whole day but if you say , “I’m nervous, but I’m prepared.” “things will go well” these positive suggestions will drive positive results in your work. this pattern of rethinking helps to train your brain rationally and help to get over the anxiety.

3. Take deep breaths:
Taking deep breaths can help you calm down. You dont need to do any thing like counting or any. just focus on the inhaling and exhaling. This will help slow down and re-center your mind

4. Meditate:
Research has shown that about 10 to 15 minutes of daily meditation can combat your stress levels and proved to be beneficial to the health.
This helps in reducing the amount of cortisol levels(stress hormone) and there by increases the serotonin levels in the body . Download a meditation app like Calm or Head-space to get started which are proved to be worth using.

5. Slow down:
Take 5 minutes and focus on only one behavior with awareness This helps in diverting your conscious mind away from stress increasing things.

6. Follow the 3-3-3 rule:
This is some thing research proven. when you think that you are stressed out then Look around you and name three things you see immediately.
Then, name three sounds you can hear. Finally, move any of the three parts of your body — your ankle, fingers, or arm. When you think your mind is out of control this helps in allowing you to divert your mind.

7. Ask for a second opinion:
Call a friend or family member and keep your thoughts to them so that this will help to avoid any irrational thinking to go pass your way. in this way you can express yourself and release your stress from your body by sharing things to others. This method has been one of the effective ways to reduce anxiety!

12. Get enough sleep:
when you don’t get enough sleep, your brain’s amygdala and insular cortex both light up in a pattern similar to the abnormal neural activity of people with anxiety disorders. it is always better to get enough amount of sleep that is 8 hours for a adult human.

13. Watch a funny video:Many research haven shown that the laughter has lots of benefits for our mental health and physical health; One study found that humor could help lower anxiety as much an exercise can. before your stage performance , just watch a cool video to relax your nerves.


It is not difficult to come out from the phase of fear and gain self confidence. Gaining knowledge on these few simple things and practicing them helps to come out of the phase of stage fear and reveal your inner hidden potent talent. Regular practice helps to achieve anything.

Remember nothing is impossible!!

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