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Effects of Prolonged Sitting on the Body

The life style modifications we are doing in our day to day life has shown that things we are neglecting has proved to be disastrous to our life like sitting at the desk for long hours in office.

Did you ever feel aching pain when sitting for long hours before the computer or TV?

Many researchers have proved that the long sitting can cause more than just pain, they are proved that there are various health hazards.

The life style modifications we are doing in our day to day life has shown that things we are neglecting have proved to be disastrous to our life like sitting at the desk for long hours in the office.

It is advised not to sit in the same position for more than 8 hours. As per researchers as it can cause disc problems, and skeletal issues.

Can increase your blood pressure:


A research study was done in order to identify the relationship between the increased sedentary period and blood pressure was done for about 12 months on employers of Tasmania, who had prolonged periods of the sitting desk jobs. The results were quite astonishing and showed an increase in the blood pressure with the increase in the time of stationary stay in one place. Thereby confirmed the increase in the risk of cardiac diseases in people who have no active physical work for prolonged periods.

Can increase your chances to get diabetes:


A research study done in Norway, with total participants of 20 thousand has proved the relationship between diabetes and increase physical inactivity.

Among participants with low leisure-time physical activity (≤2 h light activity per week and no vigorous activity), sitting 5-7 h/day and ≥8 h/day were associated with a 26%  and 30%  higher risk of diabetes, respectively, compared with sitting ≤4 h/day.

Can increase leg problems:

A research done in Denmark has shown that the decreased physical activity can predispose to deep vein thrombosis(DVT), a condition where blood clots in blood vessels and mostly seen in legs for the people who sit long.

This DVT has other consequences like the pulmonary embolism and heart-related issues which can cause heart failure and death in few.

Can cause spine-related issues:

A research study was done to determine changes occurring to the lumbar discs in the spine after prolonged sitting with and without intermittent breaks during a four hour time period and the study was approved by the Pennsylvania State University. The study was done on 12 volunteers and comparing the length of the sedentary stay of them to the changes in lumber discs of our vertebrae in longed inactivity without breaks compared to people who took breaks in between. The study showed the skeletal changes occurring in our body due to prolonged sedentary work.

Can cause cancer:


A research study done in Shanghai, showed that women with low physical activity occupations had an increased incidence of cancer of the breast, uterus, and ovary; the incidence was reduced among women with high‐activity jobs.

Can cause muscle strain and increase stress hormones:

Stress hormones are produced in our body when there is physically or mentally any strain. This includes major hormone called cortisol, which when produced in large quantities can lead to various health hazards.

Things you can do to prevent these health hazards from prolonged sitting:


  • Periodically move around in your seat.
  • Stand while talking on the phone or eating lunch.
  • Use a stand-up desk.
  • Have organized breaks throughout the day.
  • Walk laps with your colleagues rather than gathering in a conference room for meetings.
  • Position your work surface above a treadmill so that you can be in motion throughout the day.
  • Perform yoga
  • Do regular neck exercises
  • Regular strolling from the same place

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    1. Yes, mitchteemly.. it is sometimes not possible because of our life style and many other reason like occupation etc. As you said should be cautious and regular medical checkup is must as we grow old. As prevention is better than cure. It high time people should concentrate more on physical and mental health

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