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Eating On Banana Leaf Is Healthier Than On Plastic Plate – Research proven

The banana leaves contains a substance called allantoin, a substance known to boost immune system, accelerates healing process. Most of the infections like sinusitis, sore throat are due to lack of proper immunity. 

Banana is one of the favorite tropical fruit which is liked by many. It has various health benefits so it is added in athlete’s diet but how many of us knew the health benefits of the banana leaves.

The fruit contains many health benefits, along with high energy content. Banana leaves both in dried and fresh form has various health benefits and  It is also used as traditional spa ingredients in Bali, which is very good for the skin. So far, most people only know banana leaves as food wrapper or as a material for handicrafts.

They are few health benefits of the banana leaves:

It is a good antioxidant:

The banana leaves have as poly-phenols (act as antioxidants), lignin, he-mi-cellulose, protein, and allantoin, etc… That is why banana leaves can cure ailments. The dried leaves of the banana can also be used as infusion like making tea or boil it to make the decoration. Its medicinal values help to reduce the oxidative stress in our body and prevent fast aging and cell damage. The tea prepared from the banana leaves can be taken by the inflammatory conditioned diseases like atherosclerosis, cancer, etc.

It boosts immunity:

The banana leaves contain a substance called allantoin, a substance known to boost the immune system, accelerates the healing process. Most of the infections like sinusitis, sore throat are due to a lack of proper immunity.

It helps in dysentery:

This property of the banana leaves is due to the substance, Allantoin, and polyphenols. They reduce intestinal bleeding in dysentery. The astringent effect also reduces stomach pain due to the hyper-peristaltic activity of intestines.

Why you should prefer banana leaves over plastic plates?

Plastic can increase your blood pressure:

The plastic contains a chemical named bis-phenol A, or BPA, which is widely found in plastic bottles, plastic packaging and the linings of food and beverage cans. BPA lined plastic containers have shown a dramatic increase in the blood pressure when compared to times people have not taken the containers lined by BPA and their urinary concentration of BPA has raised to about 16 fold times.

For every 20 mm Hg there is twice an increase in cardiovascular diseases like heart attack and strokes. The research has shown that drinking in plastic bottles or eating in plastic containers can potentially raise your blood pressure and heart diseases.

Plastic can cause cancer:

There are various chemicals in the plastic that can mimic the estrogen(Hormone) in our body. These chemicals replace the function of the naturally produced estrogen in our body and putting our body into the risk of developing various cancer like breast cancer, ovarian cancer, colon, prostate cancers, and even PCOD and various other problems like low sperm count in men and female unable to conceive.

Plastic can cause autism:

Recent research has proved the relationship between the autism(conditions characterized by challenges with social skills, repetitive behaviors, speech, and nonverbal communication. ) and the chemicals in the plastic and the culprit is again the chemical BPA, so it is advised for the pregnant ladies, not to plastic in any food-related.


Very few know the advantages of having the banana leaves for the plating. The health benefits that the banana leaves can offer are by boosting the immunity. Its high quantities of antioxidants help in fighting the various health-related issues. Replacing the plastic plates with banana leaves can help in reducing plastic related problems like cancer, autism, cardiovascular diseases. Apart from all these banana leaves are Eco-friendly and replacing the plastic with it helps in the prevention of plastic accumulation in the ecosystem.

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