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How Dark Chocolate Improves Health and Your Life Span

Its not only good for your heart, but also may lift your mood, help you live longer, and more, this is what studies show.

A Small amount of dark chocolate improves your health. How sweet it is right! it’s not only good for your heart, but also may lift your mood, help you live longer, and more, this is what studies show.

Dark chocolate improves health by reducing bad cholesterol:

  • Consumption of good amount of cocoa has shown that to decrease the levels of the “bad” cholesterol (LDL) and also helps in raising the levels of “good” cholesterol(HDL), and potentially thereby lowering the risk of the cardiovascular disease.

Dark chocolate helps in reducing weight:

According to the neuroscientist Will Clower, he told “a small square of good amount dark chocolate if melted on the tongue 20 minutes before our meal triggers the appetite hormones in the brain.

Thereby saying “I’m full”, and cutting the amount of food you subsequently consume in the meal.

Dark chocolate improves health by preventing diabetes:

In this way dark chocolate can be included in foods that reduce the diabetes and can be consumed in the diabetic diet plan.

Dark chocolate improves metabolism:

  • A study at Queen Margaret University revealed that the dark chocolate has a very impressive impact on how
  • our body synthesizes the fatty acids, thereby reducing the digestion and helping in the absorption of the fats and the carbohydrates. The person consuming  the chocolate experiences a feeling of satiety and fullness

Dark chocolate improves health by controlling Appetite:

  • There are three hormones which control the appetite– insulin, ghrelin
    and leptin  Insulin helps in controlling the transfer of sugar/ glucose from the
    bloodstream to the cells in our body.
  • Ghrelin is secreted  to increase your appetite,
  • leptin has the exact opposite effect.
  • A study done in the Netherlands had shown that the dark chocolate has decreased insulin resistance and by lowering the levels of ghrelin.

It helps in Enhancing your Sense of Well-Being:

The Polyphemus in dark chocolate had its effect it makes us feel good and you tend to eat less to seek comfort. A research clinical study done by Swinburne University, Australia, demonstrated that the Polyphemus in dark chocolate increased the calmness and improves the sense of contentment and improves your health in people who had consumed the dark chocolate for about  30 days. dark chocolate

Dark chocolate helps in pain relief:

The anti-inflammatory constituents in the dark chocolate, makes your body feeling less pain. especially when combined with its generous amount of magnesium

Dark chocolate improves health by enhancing relaxation:

Eating small amounts of dark chocolate every day helps you to relax,according to the study published in the Journal of Proteome Research.

The Stress triggers make our body to weight gain this is because of our cortisol levels which spike when stressed. Increasing the appetite and thereby encouraging us to eat based on our emotions rather than the physical need of the body—the result of this would be overeating.

If you can manage to reduce your stress levels in your body, then you can control what you eat. Eating a sufficient amount of dark chocolate increases serotonin and endorphin levels in your brain, which helps in giving the mood elevation.

Dark chocolate improves health by Reducing aging:

chocolate improves health

This is due to the function of antioxidants in dark chocolate. these antioxidants stop the chemicals called “free radicals” to damage our cells.

Dark chocolate improves vision:

Researchers from the University of Reading in England had tested the eyesight of 30 healthy adults and proved to perform better in vision tests after consuming the dark chocolate.the reason would be the flavanols in the dark chocolate, which helps in improving the blood flow to the brain.

Dark chocolate helps in cancer prevention

preliminary studies on the three continents — Europe, Asia, and North America have shown that the people who had eaten many flavonoids, a lot of antioxidant-rich chocolate developed fewer cancers compared to those who have not. Of the many flavonoids in chocolate, epicatechin and quercetin have believed to be having thecancer-fighting properties.

Dark chocolate helps in improving blood parameters


A study done by researcher like F Hermann has proved that the antioxidant effect of the poly-phenol-rich dark chocolate. He showed the improvement of the endothelial and the platelet function in the volunteers who are known to have endothelial dysfunction and platelet hyperreactivity.

Helps in the cardiovascular system and arterial function  and decreased blood pressure

A study done on the Effect of Dark Chocolate on the Arterial Function in Healthy Individuals by Charalambos suggest that the high flavonoid intake benefits the cardiovascular outcome. The Endothelial function, the arterial stiffness, and wave reflections are important determinants of cardiovascular performance.

The research showed for the first time that the consumption of the dark chocolate has acutely decreased
wave reflections, and  beneficial effect on the endothelial function in the healthy individuals, which seemed to be improved in the intake of the dark chocolate

Dark chocolate has good amounts of nutritional value:

A 100 gram of dark chocolate with 70-85% cocoa contains:

  • 11 grams of fiber
  • 65% of the recommended daily allowance for the Iron.
  • 88% of the recommended daily allowance for the Copper.
  • 97% of the recommended daily allowance for the Manganese.
  • 57% of the recommended daily allowance for the Magnesium.



The health benefits of dark chocolate are numerous but the trick is to choose the right type of chocolate.

One should Stick to the dark chocolate that contains at least 70 percent cacao which is said to be beneficial to health and improves the quality of living.

One ounce( 28 grams) of dark chocolate containing 60 percent or more of cacao equals 170 calories so to gain the most of the  dark chocolate’s benefits, eat it in a moderation — that is two to three
times per week.

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