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Alcohol is Less Harmful After 50 Years

young are more likely to die from alcohol consumption than they are to die from a lack of drinking, but older people are more likely to experience the health benefits of moderate drinking.

Alcohol is less harmful after 50 years !

All of us know that alcohol causes various side effects on the body like the beer belly and sagged skin but you have to know which alcohol is good and which is bad for us.

There are some your good vs. bad of alcohol. If you think calories are the main picture than you are wrong, there are many more than that.

Red wine, of course, is the clear winner when it comes to being the lowest in calories due to its low sugar content. Before we talk about healthy options other than red wine, here’s the  news:

Reasons why drinking moderately is a good thing? especially Red wine

  • Alcohol as a blood thinner enhances cardio vascular health.
  • Antioxidants found in alcohol are very important to good health.
  • Moderate alcohol consumption can lower the incidence of coronary heart diseases, type 2 diabetes, as well as result in an overall reduction in mortality.
  • Higher bone density in postmenopausal women.

Types of alcohol that should be avoided?

Other spirits like vodka, gin, and white rum

These spirits have high in calories and don’t have any health benefits at all. if fact they do harm.

Regular beer

It is not advisable to take beer in high quantities as it contains lots of calories (10 to 15 grams of carbs per 5 oz). Though it is a good antioxidant. Avoiding a moderate amount can lead to health hazards.

The sugar-filled cocktails

So much of calories and it is always good to avoid these sugars, remember health comes first!

A recent study examines the health impact of consuming alcohol at different ages. The authors conclude that, for people over the age of 50, health risks may be less severe.

Alcohols that are beneficial to health:

Red Wine

It has the lowest sugar content and thus low calories, but it also contains resveratrol, that super antioxidant able to combat cancer and reduce signs of aging amongst other feats.

Wood aged spirits like Whiskey, Brandy, Scotch and Cognac 

Unflavored distilled spirits with zero carb content and plenty of antioxidants.

Berry daiquiris 

When you add alcohol to berries you get a thirty percent hike in antioxidant activity.

white whine

Lower in carbs and low in calories, white wine is a good drink though it has 5 to 10 times less phenol’s and antioxidants than red wine.

Disadvantages of heavy drinking

Heavy drinking is linked to a range of serious health consequences.
These include certain cancers, liver and heart disease, and damage to the nervous system, including the brain.

However, as has been exhaustively covered in the popular press, drinking in moderation might have certain health benefits.

A number of studies have concluded that drinking alcohol at a low level could have a protective effect.

One study, for instance, found that light and moderate drinking protected against all-cause mortality, as well as mortality related to cardiovascular disease.

It is no surprise that these stories have been well-received and widely read, but not all researchers agree, and the debate is ongoing.

A research recent study led by Dr. Timothy Naimi, of the Boston Medical Center in Massachusetts, adds further fuel to an already rampant blaze.

The study was published in the Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs earlier this week.

A fresh approach
The researchers argue that the way that earlier studies measured alcohol’s impact on health might be flawed. Specifically, they note that the studies are generally observational and usually recruit participants over the age of 50.
The authors argue that this is problematic because it excludes anyone who might have died due to alcohol before the age of 50. As they dryly point out, “Deceased persons cannot be enrolled in cohort studies.”
Dr. Naimi first outlined his concerns about this inherent selection bias in a paper published in the journal Addiction in 2017.

Those who have established drinkers at age 50 are ‘survivors’ of their alcohol consumption who [initially] might have been healthier or have had safer drinking patterns.”
Dr. Timothy Naimi

According to the authors, almost 40 percent of deaths due to alcohol consumption occurs before the age of 50.

To re-investigate, the authors dipped into data from the Alcohol-Related Disease Impact Application which is maintained by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

According to the CDC, this application “provides national and state estimates of alcohol-related health impacts, including deaths and years of potential life lost.”

How alcohol hazards are related to age?

The analysis showed that the level of an individual’s alcohol-related risk was heavily influenced by age.
In total, 35.8 percent of alcohol-related deaths occurred in people aged 20–49. When looking at deaths that were prevented by alcohol consumption, the scientists found only 4.5 percent in this age group.
When they looked at individuals aged 65 or over, it was a different story: Although a similar 35 percent of alcohol-related deaths occurred in this group, the authors found a huge 80 percent of the deaths prevented by alcohol in this demographic.

The ‘safest level of drinking is none,’ says alcohol study
A worldwide study of alcohol use concludes that the safest level of consumption is zero.

They showed that 58.4 percent of the total number of years lost occurred in those aged 20–49. However, this age group only accounted for 14.5 percent of the years of life saved by drinking.

Conversely, the over-65 group accounted for 15 percent of the overall years of life lost, but 50 percent of the years of life saved.(source)


The authors conclude that younger people “are more likely to die from alcohol consumption than they are to die from a lack of drinking,” but older people are more likely to experience the health benefits of moderate drinking.

Although the conclusions are not explosive, they bring us a more complete understanding of alcohol’s impact on health: Moderate drinking may benefit people of a certain age group, but heavy drinking is harmful to all.

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