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21# Behavioural Advices That Every Mother Should Teach Her Daughter

There's no better time than the present to begin building your daughter's confidence and teaching her the career lessons and behavioural advices that she'll need to succeed.

Women came a big way comparing the past few years and even made huge strides when it comes to workplace equality, but that does not end with all that.

It is time to build a better next generation that means there’s no better time than the present to begin building your daughter’s confidence and teaching her the career lessons she’ll need to succeed.

A study published by Fatherly in 2017 had showed that while little boys  continue to dream about becoming athletes and firefighters, but the girls have moved on from nurses and flight attendants; they now dream of becoming scientists or doctors.

Studies have proven the positive correlation between working mothers and the future success of their daughters in the workplace and their sons on the home front.
Most adolescent children, regardless of their gender, feel  tensioned, but girls often face distinct challenges.

Parents can prepare their growing daughters for the trials of being a teenage girl by teaching them various vital and important skills early on in their lives.

These include some basic behaviors like  honest communication, assertive behavior, self-compassion and developing a positive relationship with their body.

Here are few points that every mother has to keep in mind while teaching her daughter to become a successful future individual.


1# Ask What She Really Needs:

Being able to ask for what you want is an important career lesson that mother can teach their daughters.

Make sure to show up and always ask for what they really want, because not every one is really the same in life. You are quite different from all other people around you so do your daughter.

2# Learn To Adapt:

It is true that children learn from their parents. When children see both parents work hard at home and then head to office to provide for the family, they learn that nothing comes easy.

This teach their kids to be adaptable. Every working mother knows the importance of learning to expect the unexpected. Children can fall sick, the maid may not turn up, and babysitters can take leave.

These are the minute observational ways a working mother’s child learns to adapt from an early age. Best way to teach your child id to practice.

3# Embrace Your Feminine Qualities:

As a woman, some times you would likely feel pressured to act more like a man in order to advance your career but being opposite will make you more successful as per many successful people.

Instead of trying to channel the masculine traits of being aggressive, competitive, or cutthroat, focus on your more feminine qualities.

4# Teach About How They Can Manage Time Better:

Many mothers with full-time jobs are left with about 40 hours a week to get things such as cleaning, errands, spending time with family and friends, grocery shopping, and pursuing personal interests.

Kids learn time organization skills seeing their moms successfully manage their work and home life.

 5# Get The Carrier That You Love:

Following ones passion and do what you really love and that will make you shine.

It doesn’t mean that every day will be easy, but having a career you’re passionate about is important. You cant continue in a job that doesn’t make you happy inn long run so it would be worth if you start from the start for the career to follow what you really like about.

6# Teach How To Deal With Bullying

No parent wants to see his or her child to being bullied or has become the bully.
Dealing with such a situation is challenging because it involves so multiple factors like communication, friendship and a parent’s own emotional intelligence.

When girls are bullied, they often feel powerless to stand up for themselves. in such a situation making sure to keep an eye on them and tell them to ask for help from an adult as needed and practice assertive but respectful communication.

Girls must know when to step away from a situation that is “unkind” and “unethical.”
These are critical skills to teach a girl, but many parents don’t even possess them.

Some will encourage bullying behavior or intervene every time their daughter complains about a difficult interaction. Parents have to accept the responsibility for their own role. They have to set the tone early on for what’s OK in relationships and not.

7# Show The Value Of Teamwork

Every working woman with children knows that her career is possible only because of a certain gives and takes with her support system around her.

Be it a partner, parents, family members or caregivers, she needs to work with them as a team to ensure that both work and home fronts thrive.

Seeing the people who care for him/her adapt, help out and support each other shows a child the importance of teamwork from a young age so that they can latter keep it in practise.

8# Go With Your Own Instincts.

Teach your daughter an independent, entrepreneurial spirit in them.

For this they have to trust in themselves and every woman needs to trust in their daughters capabilities and teach them to do that to themselves as well. You got to have the gut as an individual.

9# Concentrate On Skills That Makes You A Better Person:

Developing the skills in you to make you a better person will also make you a better leader.

Developing various positive qualities like Being compassionate, collaborative, and willing to compromise will not only make you a better worker and leader, but a better person as well.

10# Focus On Development Of World Around You

Focus on ways to help people around you directly or indirectly through your career or what ever you choose.

Make sure that whatever you choose as your career, you always give back to make the world a better place.

11# Teach To Respect And Express Her Feelings

We some times assume that our girls and emotions are a natural pairing, for better or worse, that we neglect to actually teach girls emotional intelligence means having the ability to describe and convey the full range of human emotion.

But when girls are taught to value being happy and liked, they often suppress or can’t acknowledge their more difficult experiences.
Instead, parents need to show their daughters how to flex the muscle of expressing their strongest feelings.
They can do that by modeling their own emotions with an expansive vocabulary using words like happy, nervous, excited, scared, angry, frustrated and confused or  can also authorize their daughters’ emotions by honoring their experiences as opposed to diminishing or questioning them.

When your child expresses her authentic emotions even if they’re difficult , you take them seriously, and don’t deny them or challenge them.

12# Learn To Be Stable And Capable To Handle

Learning to handle bad and stressful situations and good and joyful days is skills that one as an individual has to master.
No matter what your job is, there are going to be some rough days.

Teach your daughter that good times and bad times will be part of your life equally, and you have to learn to handle both with equanimity and make the most of life’s opportunities and learn from every opportunity and challenge that life brings along.

13# Boost The Self Confidence

Just go for it if your gut says and if you feel it is right. It is true that too often, women have a confidence gap that makes them pause and slow down while men dive in and learn as they go. Just go for it and do what you wanted to do!

14# Make Time For Family:

As a parent with a full time job, you should not let the work affect the way you relate to your family.

At home, the working mother has to made the kids her first priority, and didn’t let the stress of her job interfere with her family life.

15# Support Other Hard Working Women:

In man’s world, so it’s especially important for women to support each other in the workplace.

uplifting each other and break into next level were you can give opportunities to uplift and bring many successful women around you.

16# How To Learn From Friendships:

Girls were frequently told that the friendships are paramount, and that may be why they can be so singularly focused on those relationships.

We shouldn’t take female friendship for granted. Relationships help girls learn to assert themselves, compromise and set boundaries.
Parents should view friendships as an opportunity to show girls what healthy relationships look like and how they can relate to others and themselves.
Encouraging her to communicate honestly and reasonably assert herselfprovides her with skills that she’ll need to push for a raise as an adult.

17# Take Time For Yourself:

It is not always the job  or work at home that makes the good living. Taking sufficient quality of time to yourself like yoga, walking or even hair cut can boost your physical and mental health levels .

it always with you that starts the things around you to change and it is same with your daughter. Teach her to love and pamper herself by giving a live example through you.

18# Be Determined To Learn More And More Every Day

No matter how long you’ve been at your current job, there’s always something more to learn.

Commit yourself to advancing your knowledge, skills, and expertise. The business and many professional environment around us are quickly changing, and your understanding of the leading practices, thinking, and emerging tools will help you manage for better results. Be a lifelong student.

19# Failures Teach You, Not To Punish:

One need to accept that not every time we make the good decisions and they may not be always right.

Understand that failure is not the opposite of success, it’s part of success. There is  successful mam or women without failures in the past so teach that it is just part of the journey of learning.

20# You Can Correct Workplace Biases:

The first thing  is that  there are biases when coming to men and women but you can correct them — on every level.

For example, when women are getting interrupted, you can interrupt the interrupter, even if you are the junior manager, you have every right to do that until you are not wrong(source) (source)

21# Teach Them How To Take The Lead:

Many girls still today find it difficult to develop leadership skills amidst the stigma of being called aggressive or bossy.
It’s even harder when they don’t know how to communicate their honest feelings, assert themselves, practice self-compassion, handle bullying or embrace their identity will probably have a tough time becoming a leader.

it’s so important for a girl to cultivate a diverse set of life skills.

Parents can encourage their daughter to take a leadership role. Fathers who evenly share household duties are more likely to raise daughters who believe they have a broader ranger of career options. Mothers can set their own example by taking on a leadership role at work or in a volunteer capacity. (source)



Studies have proven the positive correlation between working mothers and the future success of their daughters in the workplace and their sons on the home front.
Most adolescent children, regardless of their gender, feel tensioned, but girls often face distinct challenges.

These important skills aren’t easy to master, but the more chances a girl has to practice them under the guidance of a trusted adult, the more likely she’ll feel confident and self-assured as a teenager and adult.

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